SAIS enrolment 2017/2018

SAIS Autumn & Winter Term Enrollment Days Information for Part Time Structured Courses - 2017/2018

Dear Community,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
Every academic year here at SAIS we attempt to enhance the community’s love and closeness to Allah by offering various classes to all ages, during the daytime and evenings. As we are coming to the beginning of a new academic year, you are invited to:

Enrolment Days


There is no age limit for knowledge; male or female, young or old. Useful knowledge will protect you from the misguidance, it protects you from committing the awful deeds, it will encourage you to glorify and respect the obligations. With no knowledge you may engage yourself in worshipping Allah using the least not the better, the weaker not the stronger, the beloved to Allah not the most loved!

Engage yourself in attending classes; trying to learn is better than engaging yourself in any other voluntary acts of worship such as prayer or fasting... when you attend our classes you will be in the mercy of Allah until you return... you will be one of the inheritors of the Prophets… a path to Jannah will be made for you… the angels put down their wings out of respect to you… everyone in the heavens and earth will be asking Allah’s forgiveness for you… even the fish in the water!

The more knowledge you have about Allah ta’ala and His rights the more you glorify Him, the more love increases in the heart, the more hope you have towards His reward and the more you fear His punishment.


Arabic Language Department

  • Arabic & Tajweed Introductory Level (Beginners)
  • Arabic Grammar Level 1 (Basic)
  • Arabic Grammar Level 2 A (Pre Intermediate)
  • Arabic Grammar Level 2 B (Intermediate)
  • Arabic Grammar Level 3 A (Pre-advanced)
  • Arabic Grammar Level 3 B (Advanced)
  • Arabic Grammar Level 3 C (Pre-established)
  • Arabic Grammar Level 3 D (Established)
  • Arabic Calligraphy
  • Arabic Morphology
  • Arabic Reading & Using Classical Arabic Dictionaries
  • Arabic Rhetoric (Balaghah)
  • Spoken Arabic – Beginner level
  • Spoken Arabic – Higher level
  • Arabic Writing & Spelling Rules
  • GCSE in Arabic Language (classes for boys & girls aged 12 -16 years)

Qur’anic Studies Department

  • Tajweed Level 1 (Separate classes for male & female)
  • Tajweed Level 2 (Separate classes for male & female)
  • Tajweed Level 3 (Separate classes for male & female)
  • Maqr’ah – Ijazah in Hafs from Asim recitation
  • Tafseer

Islamic Studies Department

  • Usool al-Hadith (Foundation of Hadith)
  • Usool al-Fiqh (Foundation of Fiqh)
  • Usool at-Tafseer (Foundation of Tafseer)
  • Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence based on Hanbali school of thought) – Umdah Al Fiqh
  • Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence based on Hanafi school of thought) – Al Quduri
  • Hadith - Sahih al-Bukhari
  • GCSE in Islamic Studies (classes for boys & Girls aged 12 -16 years

Other Courses

  • Ramadan Courses (Tafseer, History/Seerah, Fiqh etc):
  • Seerah & History while in Makkah & Medinah (During the Easter Holiday)
  • One Day Courses (various topics)
  • Private Tuitions (one to one lessons) – male and female teachers available
  • Sequential Courses for Children (boys & girls), Weekend Supplementary School (Ages 4 – 16 yrs old)
  • Arabic Language
  • Qur’an, Tajweed and Hifdh
  • Islamic Studies
  • Reception to GCSE level
  • We offer GCSE in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies
  • Read & Rise Club (after school Qur’an clubs)

Available for boys and girls

  • Children learn to read the Qur’an
  • Children work towards memorizing the Qur’an

Weekdays only
2 branches: Willesden Green & Pinner

Your decision
Choose a course that you would like to study. Please come to discuss and register with us on Monday 4th – Saturday 9th September 2017. We recommend that you come early to register.

We kindly ask you to simply send us an email to confirm the following:

  • Name(s) of the Course(s) you will be studying with us
  • Making the full payment of fees in cash

We must receive all of the above by end of Monday 11th September 2017.

We encourage our students to join our Hadith (Sahih al-Bukhari), Fiqh (Hanafi or Hanbali) and Tafseer classes as well as Arabic grammar or Tajweed. It is not a prerequisite to know the Arabic language or grammar. We explain it all in detail, in simple English!

- Please pass this information to others who may be interested.
- All enquiries should be emailed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to seeing you on one of the enrolment days in shaa Allah.

Shukran wa ma’assalaamah

Kind regards,
Admin Team

School of Arabic and Islamic Studies
(Where authenticity is tradition)