Qur'anic Studies

SAIS Qur’anic Studies department is offering 2 different courses, Quintessential Qur’an courses and the Tajweed courses

The Tajweed courses are primarily based on the 3 books of Kareema Carol Czerepinski. These books are augmented with extra materials such as handouts, highlighting rules and principles in a clear manner so as to make revision and retention much easier.

As for the Quintessential Qur’an Series, these are a supplementary element to the SAIS main Arabic courses. They aim to help the student to enhance and reflect upon their grasp of the Arabic Language and Tajweed. It will give an opportunity for the student to memorize the selected Surah and to learn its meaning by way of appreciating the spiritual lessons contained therein. These courses are taught in English & Arabic.

Subjects covered:

Tajweed & Tafseer, based on Ibn kathir, is covered although the main emphasis is on the Arabic Grammar, which is based on Tafseer Al-Harari.
The course is suitable for those who have successfully completed at least Arabic Grammar level 1 or equivalent, and level 1 Tajweed or equivalent, and also have a basic level of Islamic knowledge.

All Courses:   40 hours each

  • Tajweed level1 (Part A & B)
    Suitable for those who have completed the Introductory level course or those who can recite the letters with correct pronunciation
  • Tajweed level2 (Part A & B)
    Suitable for those who have completed level 1 Tajweed or equivalent
  • Tajweed level3 (Part A & B)
    Suitable for those who have completed level 2 Tajweed or equivalent