I was introduced to Tajweed Sciences in France where I was born and brought up, I’m originally Moroccan.

That Tajweed Introduction Course organized by a well known and respected Ustadha who graduated from the European Institute of Human Science in Chateau Chinon, France and completed her Ijazaa in Saoudi. I furthered my studies of 3ilm AlTajweed and Hifdh of some Chapters of the Holy Quran in London with a renowned sister who was holding Quran competitions yearly. I then travelled to Syria to study Arabic and 3ilm alTajweed more deeply, and by the Grace of The Almighty, I got my Ijazaa for reading the Quran with Tajweed with Sanad Riwaayat Hafs from 3aasim granted by 3allaama AlShaikh Krayem Rajah rahimahoLlah.